Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet 67

Came across a small parking lot classic car show on my way home yesterday. Spotted this beauty and had to claim it as my own, even if only digitally.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life at 9000 feet

A dark rainy June evening on Silver Lake, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Don't Shoot!

I just read an article on why one should "shoot" their blog, using the same reasoning of why a cowboy would shoot his wounded or otherwise useless horse.

I found myself guilty of almost every reason the author listed of why maybe it would be wise should I hang up my blogging efforts for good. Business speaking, it proffers me nothing directly to continue.
I do, however, have one real good reason to continue, even in light of my sporadic record over the last few years. The reason why I write this blog is because I want to.

I enjoy writing and although at times my life becomes such that my writing time is limited and I must allocate the precious time to write to efforts such as a book in lieu of rants or muses on a blog, I am doing what I love and what I enjoy doing.

Everything in life does not have to be about gaining more followers, selling more products. If you want to sell books, you must have customers. That I understand. But I already have a job for money. I already have a place where I am told what to do, for how long, and what song to sing while doing it. My writing is my world. In it, I'll decide those things for myself, thank you. I do hope that there are others who enjoy reading my writing as well but I can't let that desire outweigh the first.

I write not because it is a way to get friends and followers. I write because I can. If there are people who want to read the things I write, we're both happy and by default, I found a friend. And if these friends value their enjoyment of my writing enough to pay me enough to be able to write more, even better.

So blog, saddle up; we're not quite to the point of shooting yet. But rather riding off across the horizon towards the literary sunsets that await descriptions.

Giddy up!