Monday, January 04, 2010


A dear lawyer friend once told me, out of good old fashion friendly advice,
“Goals are important to set, for sure, but continued failure will never suffice.

“My friend, one may aim for the sun, knowing no chance to ever get burned,
Some think that simply setting an impossible goal is worthy for one to yearn.

“But” he went on astutely, “I think that it’s foolish; the wisher greatly deceived.
For never will he feel the true success of experiencing that challenge achieved.

“I have, therefore, divined a plan to realize my goals each year without fail.
You, because I like you, may join me and celebrate in your success’ as well.”

He leaned forward so that he could whisper his plan, the key to personal Victory
“Each year” said he “I resolve to exercise less, gain weight and watch more TV.”

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's in the Blood

My Raiders put up a fight but again lost today. They finish with a record of 5-11. It makes the seventh straight year with at least 11 losses, an NFL record.

Although reaching a new level of suckage, I cannot abandon my team. There is something that keeps me aligned to the Silver and Black that I am afraid and yet proud will always be with me.

I have no hometown. I attended ten different schools. I have no lifelong friends. The Shield, the word Raiders, and my belonging to the unofficial Raider Nation is the closest I got.

It not just football; it's my Heritage.