Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Toys Today

I apologize ahead of time for those who will be offended. My wife and I began Christmas shopping last night. OK actually, we continued Christmas shopping last night, we actually started a few nights ago, but last night was a new degree of serious.

There is some really cool stuff out there. I cannot elaborate, since occasionally my kids actually read the Old Man’s stuff, but shopping, I wish I was a kid again. The toys they have today do some really cool stuff.

I also like the day in which I was a kid. My kids today do miss out on some cool adventures: taking off on bikes for hours on end, playing in large open fields or in construction yards, or on school playgrounds after hours. All of these activities are really dangerous today but were a blast back in the day.

I loved being a kid, and although sometimes I wish I had the toys that my kids have today, I often wish they could have the adventures I had when I was their age. I imagine it all equals out and we are all born and grow up in the time that we are supposed to.

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