Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mach 5 to the Past

At the movies this weekend, I saw the first previews for the Speed Racer Movie. As I have a replica Mach 5 sitting on my monitor stand, one would think that I am ready and excited to go see this movie. Well, I am not.

You see actually, I am not in the least interested in seeing the movie. You may ask why. Because it has nothing to do with the Speed Racer I knew when I was in Kindergarten and quite frankly, the cartoon is stupid.

As a 5 year-old, Speed Racer was cool. The program was one to be watched everyday. Would he ever figure out that Racer X was his brother? Why were there bad guys opposing him? Why is there a monkey? These were questions left to childhood. That's were they should remain. It doesn't mean that the show didn't leave a mark.

What do you say when someone is doing anything too fast, especially driving? "Go Speed Racer!" My favorite number is 5. Why? Because of the Mach 5 -Speed racer's car.
Why do I have a Mach 5 on my monitor stand? It was $1 and it makes me smile when I think of my friend Bobby and the afternoons we played together and watched episodes of Speed Racer. We were always racing bikes and always on the look out for a Hot Wheel that looked just like his (Speed Racer's. This was before the age of merchandising everything within an inch of its life. You couldn't just run down to Wal-Mart and buy one.) Life was about imagination, bikes, toys, and other kid stuff. But that was then, this is now.

I really don't want to see some overpaid, over rated actor pretending to know what I thought Speed Racer was. I really don't need to see Hollywood outdo the cartoon with their special effects. I don't need to see Speed and Trixie hook up. I don't need to explore the inner-struggles of the racing family. I don't need to see any of it. Speed Racer was cool when I was 5 and that will be the only time he is. My kids have much better things to do and watch than Speed Racer.

Am I really being a fuddy-duddy about it. Well, yes. Why not come up with new ideas? Why not let the past be the past. if we are going to re-make something, make sure it's some classic of some kind. 70's TV shows and cartoons are not classics. I think it's OK for generations to have their own thing.

OK, so I might see the movie. But I can tell you now, that I won't like it as much as watching it with Bobby and afterwards playing Hot Wheels and riding bikes.

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