Friday, July 31, 2009

The Tale of One Minivan

A couple of weeks ago, I received an "Official Notice". A certain car dealership contacted me because, due to their records, I owned a highly sought after late model vehicle in high demand: Our family's 2002 Ford Windstar Minivan. I had never done business with this dealership and had no intention of ending that streak so I threw the notice away without another thought.

Last week, I got another "Official Notice" from the same dealership. I figured it was a second notice of the first lie and attempt to get me to buy one of their new cars, but I opened it anyway. Desperate sale pitches amuse me.

To my surprise, the dealership wanted me to know that "according to their records" I owned an aging 2002 Ford Windstar that most likely qualified for the Cash for Clunkers Government program.

Within two weeks, our van transformed from a high-in-demand vehicle to a clunker.

Now the car is still the same vehicle; it's a 7 year old minivan.

What did change was the available angle to be used by the slimy car dealerships to coerce the desperate, the easily-swayed, or the just plain stupid to buy a car. It's no wonder that the car business is in trouble. They don't even try to hide their lies and/or manipulation of information and circumstances. They don't care who you are, just come and buy the car- "no matter how much you owe!"

Am I amazed that yesterday on our mountain drive I heard endless commercials of "Cash for Clunkers" offers only to learn in the evening news that the program had went broke in less than a week? No.

Government money made available to the car dealerships is like throwing slop in front of hogs- only more disgusting to watch. If they throw another two billion, watch how fast they can eat that up!

In a completely unrelated topic, I am sure putting money in front of the medical vultures will work out much better.

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