Saturday, August 26, 2006

SUCCESS: S*U*C*C*E- Executing

The difference between wanting to do and doing is so small yet so large. Wanting, planning, and even waiting for the best possible moment is the place where many would-be success stories stall and die an agonizing death. It's at this point that many regrets are formed and nurtured for years and sometimes for life.

The element of executing a plan is of all the other elements of success the one that really separates the winners from the losers, those who will stand on success and those who will only dream of it. As I look back on the successes I have experienced, there is almost always one point I can reflect upon where my action made the difference. One moment where I acted in a way different than I would have naturally.

I love being on stage. I love putting on a show. I am very comfortable in front of groups and being the center of attention for the time the spot light is on me. Once the light goes off and the event is over, I am actually quite shy. I keep to myself and remain quiet. I am uncomfortable talking to people I don't know, I don't like talking about myself to others, and I would rather listen to a conversation than to ever be thought of as the one who always has to talk.

The times of my greatest success have always been preceded by a time when I have had to overcome these feeling of shyness and executed a plan. I have had to overcome great fear to talk to an editor about writing an article. I have had to overcome the fear of rejection when writing or pitching a proposal for a presentation to a business. I have had to overcome the fear of someone asking "who the hell does this guy think he is" when volunteering my services to a function or group. I have had to overcome many fears to actually have the courage to write something someone else might read or even edit- even to the point of my daily blog. Every morning I worry about what someone might think, but I do it nonetheless.

Despite my true inner confidence, my preparation, my willingness to push myself to perform well, it is the doing part at the beginning that makes the difference. Every successful thing I have done required my courage and willingness to take that one extra step, that venture into an uncomfortable zone, and do the one thing that would allow me to do all the other things I had prepared and waited to do.

"How many flowers have failed to bloom, not because they were never watered, not because they received too little or too much sunlight, not because the soil or seed was bad, but because no one ever decided to plant them?"

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