Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cookie? Cookie for me? (1st Ever Guest Blogger)

Yeah. I admit it. I'm a sucker for cookies and well, pretty much anything baked, fried or otherwise sweetened to unhealthy proportions. But especially cookies.

Although a bit blue, literally, I do like to consider myself somewhat of a ladies monster, and when Charley walked in with those Monster Cookies, which my inside information had already told me she likes to bake, I figured I had this lady already caught in my magic.

A few cookies later, and gushing with all the information she needed, it didn't take much of a sugar rush to figure out that I had been duped. Charley did this to all her information saps. I just happened to be the latest victim. Rapport some call it. A way to build trust. It worked on me, that was for sure. I think it's sneaky. But what the hell, I got Monster Cookies out of it.

As a last ditch effort to save some face, I yelled out to her as she turned to leave with the now empty crumb filled cookie platter.
"Hey! How about at least a good night recipe before you leave."

She laughed.
"If you ever unhand those last two cookies grasped in those furry fingers, you can get it from me next time; I'm in the book."

I was nuts for the girl, and her cookies, and after a number of harassing emails, calls, and a pending restraining order, she finally gave it up to me. The recipe, that is. And here is that address if you want to make your own:

And if you happen to see her, I've got some questions I'd like you to ask her for me. Like:

What CIA approved "enhanced interrogation technique" does the heroine witness in Connect the Dots?


Why does she not approve?

If she won't tell you, check out tomorrow and I'm sure you can find the answers there. But just know that it'll just lead to more questions.

Until then, I'll be over at Denise Robbins' blog, begging for cookies and learning more about her new book Connect the Dots. Make sure you meet us there and bring your answers with you. I hear she might give out more than just cookies to those who post them.


Steph said...

Very creative Mike. I am also a sucker for foods that are not so grand for you and cookies (with milk)of course. But I am more of a sucker for someone that wants to bake/fry/steam (what ever) the food for me... Love the blog

Denise said...

Terrific blog! One would think you must be a writer. :-)

CJ West said...

Great piece Mike. I'm a sucker for blondes and cookies myself. The combination is deadly.

Pauline B Jones said...

lol! Very fun way to "connect the dots!"

MJ said...

Thank you for the comments, you are all too kind. I'll look into the whole writer thing.

Denise said...

You're a terrific writer!