Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just When You think You're So Smart

Doesn't locking your keys in your car just blow?!

They're right there, hanging in the ignition. Just what? A foot away but yet a million miles. Hanging there, unaware of the dilemma unfolding on the other side of the glass.
Do you call for a lock smith? Disrupt the home morning operations so keys can be brought to you? What? What? What?!

And do you admit it? No way!

My natural reaction is to not let any passer-bys see that anything is wrong while I scroll through my mind the options available. I take sneak peeks to see if the keys are really in there. Casually I feel through each and every pocket, hoping that they are magically not where I can see them but really just in one of the many, rarely used, coat pockets. Laughing, trying to convince myself this is all so funny. I try all the handles again and again, wishing for one of them to realize they are actually unlocked. All while chuckling that stupid false laugh.

This all, of course, makes me look even more like I'm up to something and people look like they want to ask but, thank God, they don't.

So finally, I took the proactive approach and just got on the bus to deal with it later.

I'm such a dumb ass.


Denise said...

OMG! I have so been there. Three times in a matter of months.

My car now won't let me lock my keys inside. :-)

Levi Montgomery said...

Many years ago, a friend of mine locked his keys in his car about once a week, and every time he did it, we all *ahem* informed him most politely that perhaps he should get a spare key made.

One day, he comes into the morning coffeeshop routine and stands by the door until he has everyone's attention. "I would like to make an announcement," he says. Proudly holding his key ring aloft, he selects a key. "Car key," he says. He selects the adjacent key on the ring. "Spare car key!" he says in that tone reserved for announcing one's great accomplishments.

Steph said...

The new mother, hands full of nothingness but the desire to get out of her hot car, jumps out of her seat from behind the wheel she kicks that old rusty hunk of a door closed behind her. At that very moment realizes she has left the two most important things behind those nasty locked doors. Her dangling keys that are now taunting her from the ingnition and her now awake screaming 2 year old that can not undo his own car seat buckles yet.. Dang it.. That my friend is one fantastic day of doing the same gosh darn thing.