Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got Books?

I read an article yesterday explaining that the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or something like that, recommended that libraries and parents remove any children books dated prior to 1986. Their reasoning is that inks used prior to that date may contain lead. Most librarians and parents are responding in the same way as I first thought- Yeah Right!

The danger with lead based inks is that it has been found to contribute to irreversible learning disabilities and behavior problems.

Therefore, I must ask: what is truly the greater threat for developing learning disabilities? Lead based ink or taking books away from kids?

And as I understand it, the only way that a child can be affected by the "bad ink" is if the kid mouths the book.

And, if it takes a kid that eats books to really have a problem, wouldn't you assume that maybe the learning and behavioral problems have already set in and maybe it's best to just let alone?

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