Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When's The Next Bus?

I rarely just take the time to simply write on this blog with out knowing where it will go. Usually I try to have something in mind before I start or at least a preconceived point to make. Today I do not. Let's see where the typing takes me.

I am sitting on a bus trying to figure out why it takes so long to get anywhere while we sit and go no where...literally. We just sit here!

So I guess therein lies my argument today.

There is no shortage of plans to reduce this carbon based attack on the planet or that one. Everyone wants to figure out how to "eliminate" something.

Why not just master the bus route schedules, make riding mass transit more efficient and easier, and people won't have to be "convinced" to leave their cars at home. Offer a better alternative and people will come.

Of course, the cities, states and governments who make a fortune on "our addiction" to oil will have to face the facts and figure out what next to tax to make up their losses in gas tax revenue?

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