Friday, August 27, 2010


Crossroads is what most people call it. A point where two or more paths come together in one's life and the following of any direction will carry you in a direction distinct and separated from the others. Its a powerful and descriptive metaphor. I find however that the real thing is just a traffic jam in the making.

I have been sitting at a crossroad in my life for a long time now. Every time I start down one of those roads, I seem to just end up at the same crossroad. More like a French round point, if to continue the roadside imagery.

It's tough. It's scary. It's unimaginably expensive in terms of emotions.

Which is the happy road? Happy for who? Does happy matter?

I don't know. But I guess as long as I haven't abandoned the car, I still have a choice to make.

God, help me be wise.

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