Monday, October 24, 2005

Romo Pride

Have you seen the movie remake of The Longest Yard? One of the guards- "Guard Lambert" was played by a real NFL linebacker named Bill Romanowski. He wore number 53 in the game as he did in "real life". There were other NFL players in the movie, but none of them crack me up like "Romo".

Romo was plenty intense in the movie, but the extra stuff on the DVD is where I really got a kick. Romo was so pumped up to play that he had to be contained. In fact in the last scene of the game, Adam Sandler is to run over Bill for the final Touch down. Romo, in an interview, admitted that he couldn't just let him do it. There was going to be at least two takes because the first time- he was making the tackle. (In the movie, if you watch the hit- there is no way Adam Sandler makes the yardage needed.) That's pride! No wonder he was so tenacious on the field when he was playing in the NFL.

But the comment that really made me laugh, was by the director. He was commenting on how intense Bill was and how anxious he was to do a "realistic" job for the movie. (I think he just misses hitting people).

After making an impressive hit on someone and receiving a compliment for it, Romo asked the director, "Do you want me to spit on him?".

"No, No Bill. The tackle is good. Thank you."

You gotta love the intensity and the willingness to do a good job!

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