Thursday, October 06, 2005

URBAN MEYER WEEK: Respect and No Fear

We've looked at the "what", now let's dive into the "why". Why is this guy so successful? (cont.)

Urban Meyer respects others and who they are.

"I'm involved with every player. I know every player on this team. My wife is involved and knows everyone of these kids. There's not a kid on this team that can walk through this door and I couldn't tell you his story."

"Everybody has something in their life that they have to share. Nobody wants to, but to be close, they have to. We take pride in being close. As a coach, I have to know those stories and respect where the players come from. If you respect that, there's a chance they're going to respect you, and you'll get more out of them."

When you respect others they in turn respect you. If you are to surround yourself with winners, they have to want to win with you.

Urban Meyers does not fear losing, only not being as prepared as he should have been. After that, there isn't anything to do. This is not a cope out, but a philosophy that leaves one with no excuses and no regrets no matter the final outcome.

"Some people fear losing. I don't. If they're better than us and they play better, they're going to win. But if we fail because we didn't see a certain thing in practice or because we missed something on film, then that's what drives everybody here."

If you fear losing, you will always hold back and not give it your all. What happens if you give 100% and lose? So most hold back a bit, so that there is always room for improvement. Urban does not. It's all or nothing, and if all wasn't good enough to have more points on the scoreboard at the end of the day, the job was still accomplished. The amazing thing is that in most cases, losing is not what happens.

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