Saturday, October 29, 2005

SUCCESS: S- Steering

If success is accomplishing that which you set out to do, wouldn't it follow that it is important to know "that which you set out to do"?

Where do you struggle? Myself it is the daily things that get the best of me. You see I have a clear picture of my long term goals, and tackling the things that are the big ticket items is no big deal. But those daily things, those short term goals eat me alive!

I rarely establish my daily goals. Weekends OK. But all those days during the week I am so willing to let the day's events dictate my actions.

The day's events fill all the time and I rarely take the time to get my stuff done on a timely basis. When I come to a dead line that effects my long term goals- I then have to push everything and "last minute" my stuff. This operation always steals the sense of accomplishment, makes it hard to fit in the important or fun events that come around all the time.

Start making daily priorities for your yourself. Identify three things YOU need to get done. Write them down and get them done no matter what. At the end of a week, I guarantee you that you will see your accomplishments and feel successful. If these are the things truly important to you, they most likely will be moving towards your long term goals, and after a month, three months, you will see your success path opening up before you.

It takes me seven weeks to revisit this theme. I will keep a log of my daily accomplishments and share the results at that time.

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