Thursday, November 10, 2005

Missouri V. Missoura

I am so disappointed with St Louis! I spent all this time, years actually learning and training to say Missoura! and now I find out it ain't hip no more!

I spent a number of days making sure I said "Missoura" waiting for someone else to thank me for saying it correctly, but instead everyone kept asking me if I was from Missouri! I thought that's how Missourians wanted me to say it. I don't get it! I fought off the "foreigners" when I lived in Reno. "Its NE-VADA! Not NE-VODA"!

My wife's family is from Missouri and they have drilled me for years to say it "right". At long last my big chance arrives. I say "Missoura". And I get, "No one says that any more". A group of teen-agers followed me to my hotel last night- taunting me. Asking me if I wanted a cane pole and catfish bait and calling me Huck!

Maybe I'm just in the wrong part of the state. Maybe I just have a bad Non-Missoura accent and everyone knows I'm being a wannabe. Maybe, this has all been a cruel joke on the family newcomer! "Let's see if we can get him to say Missoura, so one day when he's in Missouri, he'll make a complete fool of himself."

People wouldn't do that to In-Laws, would they?

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