Saturday, November 05, 2005

SUCCESS: S*U- Understanding

When my wife and I were first dating and we began to talk about "our future", she asked me what I thought would be a successful wage.

$40,000 was my answer. That was what my boss was making and if someday I could make that...whew, that would be incredible!

She immediately shot that down by explaining her understanding of a successful person's wage would be around $1,000,000 a year.

"WHAT!!!!!!???? That's crazy!!" was my response. "Only the President of the United States makes that much!". I was very young and naive in those days.

Getting in the speaking business- I figured a six-figure income was the goal. My wife just shook her head. So she bought me a book, Money Talks- How to make a Million as a speaker by Allan Weiss.

I read the book through and then again and again. And not because I'm a slow learner, it is so full of how to do things. I learn something new each time- another area to focus on, a reminder of past things learned (OK, so maybe I'm a slow learner), and the insight of someone who has already done it.

Setting a goal is not enough, the understanding of what it takes is imperative. If you can tap into the experiences of those who have forged the trail- so much the better.

Usually, I hate it when my wife is right, which is like all the time. This time is no different...but I'm glad she is.

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