Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Head Over Heels (part 1)

I was a whopping 145 pounds at the conclusion of my High School Junior year football season. Weight training was now to begin for the upcoming season and goals needed to be set. I figured I would need to be at least 160 pounds by the start of the next season to secure a starting position. I began to eat.

I ate everything that moved, and anything that didn’t. I took on a job at Hardee’s not only to earn money to afford double lunches at school, but also to clean up on extra food at work! For months, I ate and lifted weights. I would do anything if it had the promise of raising my weight to my goal.

Opening night, I had done everything I could and I tipped the scales at 150 pounds. I had only gained 5 pounds! My ambition had earned me the starting spot of defensive back on the varsity team, the 5 extra pounds would have to do.

Everything went fine for the first two games and then we played Granger High School. Granger high school ran a tough running game anchored by a huge 245 pound running back. 245 pounds! He outweighed me by almost 100 pounds! I was a defensive back, but with their style of running attack, there was a very good chance he and I would meet.

Meet we did. About half way through the first quarter, the big…no HUGE running back cleared the end of the line and started making his way into my territory. It was the two of us, one on one.

(continued tomorrow).

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