Monday, September 12, 2005

It is written...

I’ve never owned a chainsaw before, but with all the trees I have, it was inevitable: I would finally have to get one. It wasn’t brand new and I didn’t get one until it was given to me, but I now am an owner of a Poulan 18” “Wild Thing” chainsaw.

I first used my new saw last weekend cutting stump roots before pulling them. I would dig a bit and then start cutting the roots with the saw, occasionally and often hitting the dirt, rocks, etc. down under the tree. Apparently I thought chainsaws should be used as trenchers as well. I was incorrect and the saw became very dull very quickly. I ended up resorting back to chopping the roots out with an ax.

Since the blade was used, I decided to replace the chain and blades instead of trying to sharpen them. I got the new blades and having never changed chainsaw blades before, I actually sat down and started reading the instruction manual on the blades repair and maintenance.

Do not sharpen blades while engine is running”.

That was actually in the instruction manual!! Is there really someone out there that needs that explained to them??? I could just imagine the testimony in court, “It never said to turn the engine off before working on the blades”.

I’m not mad that there wasn’t a warning about using the saw as a trencher. That was my dumb! But who needs to be told to turn off a piece of equipment whose sole purpose is the cutting through and off of limbs before grabbing the blade?!!!?!!

Point: Take some responsibility for yourself.
Not just in chainsaw safety, but in all of your decisions and actions. Don’t think that just because someone hasn’t told you to do, or not to do, something doesn’t mean that you are free to do what you please.

Here’s to a new week!

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BlackwaterMan said...

Oh how I wish your philosophy had been circulated among the legal profession of the USA before they systematically infected our own here in England! "Take some responsibilty for yourself!"

Here we have what we have come to know as the "Health and Safety Executive", who want to act as the Nanny State for all actions by anybody and everybody! Boy, wasn't it great when we learned from our mistakes?